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What is Live Blood Analysis?

Live blood analysis is performed by a qualified practitioner taking a small sample of capillary blood (i.e. a finger prick). From this we can obtain a great deal of valuable information about your health. It is possible to see visual proof of the effects your lifestyle choices are having upon your health. Through analysis, it provides you with valuable information about a great number of potential imbalances, weaknesses, nutritional deficiencies and possible health concerns.

The test is done by taking a small amount of blood from your finger to prepare two samples: one for live blood analysis and the other for dry blood analysis. The samples are then analysed under high magnification using a specialized microscope that is connected to a video camera, so that you can see what the analyst sees.

Why would I want a Live Blood Analysis?

The test is for anyone who wishes to evaluate their current health, before problems arise. Live blood analysis differs from conventional blood tests because:

Live blood analysis is also a great method for measuring your own progress, before and after health changes are made. After analysis, you will be able to make the necessary changes and monitor your progress.

How is Live Blood Analysis connected to Homeopathy?

Homeopathy and blood analysis are both concerned with prevention of disease. Remember ‘prevention is better than cure!’. Simply addressing the symptom of disease is not curative - it does not reach the underlying cause. It is like putting a sticking plaster over the problem. By addressing the original cause of a problem (or potential future problem), it is possible for you to reach a permanent state of well-being.

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